Man Haters of Xanga

Trust is earned, man or woman. Regardless of who is more UNdeserving, both men and woman have shared in the blame.
I do believe that men should take the lead in RESTORING mutual trust. That means learning what it means to be a MAN of CHARACTER, of NOBILITY, of SELFLESSNESS, and of SACRIFICE…and then teaching the next generation of men to do the same, and so on.
The last 3 decades of MY life have shown a RAPID decline in genuine manhood being lived out…to the point that most people today think that’s such a subjective idea. Trust me, it’s not. It’s just RARE, sadly.
Understandably, many women have thus taken up the notion that men ARE bad, period. I don’t blame all of them. Many men have EARNED such a rep. But not all. At the same time, many women have taken this “evil men” idea SO MUCH TO HEART, that they NEVER give any man a chance to prove himself. They even teach the next generation that men are worthless……and yet we still see many women holding men responsible for not being men but also denying them the respect and the opportunities to LIVE OUT what women expect (and rightly so, depending on the expectation) from men in the first place.

So I hold both men and women responsible here. Trust is earned, as I said. No one is exempt.

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