Man Murders Baby But Will Not Be Charged

I am pro-choice. That shouldn’t be relevant in my stance on this but I imagine someone will make it so.

He should be charged for the murder of this baby. Plain and simple.

Now, if I’m pro-choice and, therefore, okay with abortion if that is the mother’s decision, what makes this different, when clearly an unborn baby ceases to exist in both situations?  The DIFFERENCE is…abortion is the mother’s decision.  She has to sign documents, she gets time to think about it, and it’s ultimately her decision because she is the one who has to live with it.  But THIS? This man made the decision for her.  She didn’t get to give the okay, she didn’t get to think about it.  But you know what? She’s still going to be the one who has to live with it…AND the fact he killed her walking, talking, moving about independently of the mother child, as well.

In most states, if a woman is murdered and she was pregnant and the baby dies, the murderer is charged with two counts.  In most states.  Perhaps it’s completely different in each state whether the mother was murdered or not.  Perhaps if the mother died, thus the fetus dying, as well, then he would be charged for both mother and child…who knows?

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