Marketing Your Insurance Company in the New Decade


The insurance industry is evolving based on consumer expectations as well as advancements in digital technology. The new decade ushers in many unknown factors. However, you can take concrete steps right now to proactively market your insurance company.

Boost Your SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, basically means building your website in such a way that it appears in search engines. Best SEO practices involve a number of factors, including using solid keywords, including effective title tags, and adding meta descriptions. The best results come from organically optimized web pages with necessary elements built into them rather than added as afterthoughts. Boost your business by brushing up on insurance SEO in 2020.

Get Social

Large percentages of the population use at least one form of social media. If you are not represented on the various platforms, you are missing a big opportunity to get your message out to both current and potential customers.

Update Contact Data Regularly

Email is another great way to reach out and connect, but be sure your databases are up to date. Otherwise, you may have a high rate of unsubscribes and even spam reports, which can have negative repercussions such as getting your account suspended.

A new decade brings new opportunities. To make the most of them, get in step with modern industry marketing practices. The right actions now can give your business a boost into the future.