Merry Christmas

Personally I am ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

I was up until 3:30am, watching Hogan’s Heroes on Youtube, and surfing the Internet, bouncing around on Facebook. I only got five hours of sleep. Picked up my pay, have to prepare to go to Bangkok, go to the embassy, make a blinking border hop for a visa, and wish someone would send me some cash to make it through the end of January, when I get paid. In short, Christmas isn’t going very well this year, and that is normal for me. New Year’s should be okay, but Valentine’s Day will be a drag. St. Patrick’s Day at least has some happy music if there is nothing said about alcohol in the songs. Best to listen to Irish/Celtic instrumental music during that time.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Believe it or not, like it or not, God is blessing.

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