Mission Beach San Diego

Mission Beach in San Diego is located along the Pacific Ocean. It is a long beach that has a boardwalk. A board walk is can be use for walking, biking and strolling. Many are passing by the board walk to enjoy a fresh sea breeze brought by the Mission Beach.

Mission beach is divide in two, for swimming and for surfing. They designated a specific area for swimming and for surfing. Mission Beach has a rip current that is good for surfing. They don’t allow scuba diving on that area for there are few under water life in their area. At night, they are allowing to have bonfires and other night activities, but with some limitations. They also have lifeguards who will take a look at the people on the beach.

Aside from the cozy beach and cool fine water, you can also find there a lot of shops for souvenir items. There are restaurant where you can enjoy delicious foods and delicacies. They also have parks here like the Belmont Park and Sea World. these two parks offer rides that kids and even adults will surely love. Some of their rides are: Trampoline, Vertical Plunge, Liberty Carousel, Chaos and Giant Roller Coaster.

If you love sports and loves to be on the hot sunny day staying at the beach, you can enjoy their activities such as… skate boarding, volleyball, tanning, surfing and other outdoor activities that you’ll surely enjoy. Every weekends skating clubs do their sick tricks and dancing, everyone should watch out for it.

Mission Beach is a must visit place. Restaurants, shops, activities, great beach, a place that everyone wouldn’t resist. Sure you’ll be back here again and again once you tried visiting this cool place. Well, unlike other beach, they don’t allow nudity here. Even thong bikinis are illegal here. Anyway, their security personnel and lifeguards are not much in dealing about this kind of stuff.

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