Most Annoying Family Member

I saw Rush Hour like two days ago. Jackie Chan is a detective from China sent to America to help the FBI rescue a kidnapped lil chinese girl. He meets the talkative black guy (I forgot his name). They become friends. The black guy did a lot of shit talking, Jackie did some fighting, my favorite part was that really fucking gorgeous hot asian woman from the plane wearing a sexy mini blue business smirt. Phew. Her skin was a very nice yellow 🙂

What kind of sex life does she have? Does she ever get depressed? How does a man handle such dynamite? What does she eat. Are these stupid questions. I wish i could become a ghost for one day and check out how others live their lives.

Or maybe I am saying that because I have no life. Do you ever stop and think, everyone is too consumed with their own lives? Do you not think it’ s strange that thinking is actually counter productive? Are we suppose to just live life like a free fall? So, that I choose to stay in my room makes me a coward? That I get nervous a lot makes me a neurotically disturbed sicko? Is that why I have to live a stupid insignificant life like a turtle? And if I complain, I’m being a crybaby. How can I just accept my role like it’ s no big deal I am a failure? How do cutters have the balls to suicide, I wish I could go through with it, but, I am scared of going to hell. How come cutters are not afraid of hell?

Has technology blessed us? Then why can’t technology create more jobs? Sometimes I feel like our government doesn’t want to create more jobs. And why do I need a lot of toilet paper to wipe my ass. I feel dirty when the muck won’t go away. And when it is time to piss, some of it gets on the rim. If I could sell my piss and poop I really would, cans, boxes, anything for money. I would wipe your ass for money. I would do anything for money (within reason). I am mad about many things, I want to vent here, sorry 🙁 Did you notice banana is the only fruit that can be mixed with milk? I’m too afraid to buy a car, I don’t know cars. I ate a sub from quick chek, my appetite is better, I am hungry as I write?

ALERT. YOU GUYS HAVE TO check out this song I bumped into. ” The World is not Enough.” Please tell me what you think.

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