Mother Dies To Save Unborn Baby

It is a mother’s instinct to save her child. However, it is different for everyone. Some people have a lot of things to put into consideration. And whichever way she chooses, it is admirable. If she chooses to live, she chooses to fight for the right to keep on going, For herself, and for everyone else she loves. And she knows that if it costs her the unborn child, it is going to hurt deeply. But she keeps going anyway. If she chooses the child over her own well-being, it is also admirable. To see a mother’s unconditional love for her child, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a fight of the heart and the mind. And whichever way she chooses, it’s not going to be easy. The most admirable thing about all of it is that… SHE MADE A DECISION. 🙂

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