My 20th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations to you both.  Luckiest woman on the planet huh   Could it be she’s just another woman whos trying to sus out the unpredicatability of your habits and moods, find out who you really are.  
So unpredictable you men on accasion, who knows where your heading  lol  Sooo, possibly sticking around for the long run, until she works you out, as for now you remain a mystery   he,he. 
Well, thats what I continue to tell people, when asked how I have put up with my man for so many years. For us its 33.5 yrs married.

Drinking from the same cup… on rare occasions possibly. Havent given it much thought.
Bathroom/or male library ~ door closed for private business and please men, consider opening a window or put the fan on if there is one, when your business is done, we dont all appreciate your sharing, truly we dont. 
And may I suggest … If requesting an Open invitation to shower together, then by all means leave the door open, this of course would be temporarily close if invitation accepted, for itimate privacy of course 

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