My Confession: The Affair

My Confession: The Affair

I worked with a lady for a few years and we really hit it off. 

She tended to compliment me excessively and I enjoyed it.  She told me I was smart and good looking.  I think everyone likes to hear that.  I found her attractive and I just liked seeing her smiling face every day.  It started off innocent enough.  There were the casual touches and the flirting.  We went to lunch every day and stayed late some nights.

One day in the office she touched my hand and my heart went wild.  I longed to touch her and feel her embrace.  The conversation turned to us getting away for the weekend.  We made the plans and we were going to go to a nearby town.  We booked a hotel room where we could be alone.  It felt like forever but the weekend finally arrived.  We took off in the car and arrived at the hotel.  We had a night of the most amazing sex ever.  She took me to places I thought I would never go.

I did mention that it was my wife that worked with me?


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