My Final Year On the Xanga

My Final Year On the Xanga

This year may be my final year on xanga.  I have enjoyed my time on here and it has been over 6 years. 

I have just been telling myself that I will leave before I hit 40 for some time.  I turn 40 in November.  I probably wouldn’t leave xanga completely.  I would probably just stop posting.  It has been a great time.

I really don’t want to be that old man on xanga.  And 40 would be turning the corner and I think it would make me too old.  We need young blood on xanga and other people to step up.  Plus by that time I expect to be pretty active with my website. 

I am not sure I will actually leave but I have given it significant thought.  Sometimes I wonder what I am accomplishing anymore.  I still love people that are here.  But I also miss some of my original friends on here.  I used to brag for years that all of my original 20 commenters were still with me.  Now not one of them are left on xanga to my knowledge.

Maybe the end of this year will be the time to turn the page.


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