My First Attempt At Erotica

My First Attempt At Erotica

There is an erotica writing contest on xanga so I thought I would take a shot at it.  Tell me what you think.

I showed up to a party one night that my brother was holding at his place. Rob and Scott were as different as night and day. Rob was a kind and shy guy who was a virgin. He wanted to wait for that special person. Scott was sort of a player and had his fair share of sexual conquest. They were both at the party but I wasn’t sure which one was going to get my attention. Rob was safe but his lack of experience made him more attractive. I felt myself drawn to him.

I was attracted to Scott for very different reasons. He was careless and reckless. He lived life on the fast track. He was everything that my parents hated. I drank several glasses of beer. I was tipsy. I danced with Scott for awhile and our bodies rubbed against each other. I went over and talked to Rob but he struggled to flirt with me even though I sensed he liked me. After awhile I was dead tired. So I walked into a room and laid on the bed. I went in and out of sleep in my slightly drunk state.

I then reached over and felt his warm body next to me. He had only his boxers on and the lights were off. His face was covered with the blanket. I started to hump up against his leg. I wasn’t even sure whether it was Rob or Scott. I just kept kissing his stomach. I slowly removed his boxers to reveal the grand prize. I ran my hand up and down his shaft in a teasing way. I could feel his body reaction. I placed his erection in my mouth and began to give him a blow job. I love the feeling of control. His hips moved up and down as I moved his penis in and out of my mouth. I licked the top of his shaft and then rubbed my tongue up and down the bottom of his manhood.

When I knew I had him at the point of no return, I dropped it deep inside my mouth and swallowed him whole. His body moved in pleasure. I continued to suck on him for another 30 seconds to let him continue to feel the pleasure. I kissed his stomach and made my way up to see which guy it was. I removed the blanket to discover it was my brother.


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