My Son Swam 7 1/2 Miles Today

My Son Swam 7 1/2 Miles Today

I think you all know that I hate to brag about my children.  But my 13 year old son swam 7 1/2 miles today.  It took him 5 hours and 22 minutes. 

(Xanga photos will not upload right now so imagine a photo of someone swimming).

He set today aside to see how far he could swim.  He went to the pool almost every day this summer and did laps for about an hour.  But today he wanted to see how far he could go.  I thought that meant he was going to swim for a little longer than an hour.  My wife came home and told me he had been swimming for two hours.  The lifeguards were counting his laps.

So I went down to the pool and watched him do laps.  He did not take a break.  He kept swimming.  He would grab the water/gatorade mixture we placed in a bottle and he would drink it while swimming on his back.  And then he would turn over and begin swimming again.  I thought he would quit after 3 hours.  He appeared tired.  But he kept going. 

Several people stopped in and watched him for awhile.  Some of his friends dropped in and cheered him on.  I was stunned when he was still swimming after 4 hours.  But he kept going. 

He did 456 laps and 60 laps equal a mile.  The owner of the organization who supplies the lifeguards stopped in and watched him and then he came by with gatorade for him.

It felt like such a big moment for him.  He is the second child.  His older brother is a real athlete and he plays basketball for the varsity team at his high school.  I am not saying the younger son walks in his shadow but I know it is easy for younger siblings to feel like they need to measure up in some way.

But today he stood out in his own right.  He swam and swam and kept going beyond what any of us thought was possible.  And then one moment, he touched the side and began to climb on his knees out of the pool.  His hands looked like the skin of a grandma.  But that went away pretty quick. 

It is nice to see my second child stand out in his own way.

What number child were you?


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