Natural Treatments for ALS Pain

ALS treatment

Though the pain from living with ALS is sometimes crippling, there are natural ways to cope with it without needing to depend on prescription medications. Try a natural ALS treatment the next time your symptoms flare up.

Medicinal Cannabis

Humans have been smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Marijuana is known to help symptoms like tense muscles, upset stomach and headaches, and can also help you get to sleep more quickly.

Muscle Movement/Stretching

Giving your muscles full range of motion will prevent them from cramping due to stiffness. Have someone help you with a routine of stretches every day to get the blood flowing all over your body.


The ancient Chinese method suggests that by allowing needles to puncture your skin, you are realigning your good and bad energies. Today, medical studies have been done that prove that there is something to this old practice.

Stimulative Treatment

Special tools that stimulate muscles can help to ease some of the pain. Vibrating massagers rubbed on the area can serve as a helpful tool as well. Paired with stretching, painful muscle spasms can be alleviated more quickly.

Being in pain is exhausting and depressing. Try these natural, non-prescription methods to manage your symptoms and feel better soon.