Obama Vs. Romney

It really highly disturbs me that this country is to a point where it is focused on two things. Gay marriage, and women’s rights. There is so much more going on than these two things. Let us talk also about the fact that a person’s support of such garble means nothing as president considering that he does not make laws to begin with.

What I have seen is four years of a president who appears to have done poorly with this country. A man who made a health care plan that he and other political members exempt themselves from. Which is at least concerning to me. 

He (Barrack Obama) seems to have hidden agendas when it comes to radical Islam and he seems to harbor contempt for Israel and perhaps Jewish persons. What’s more is that it seems as though people do not wish to look into this further. 

I do not know that I want Mitt Romney as president, however I’m not entirely sure that I could okay another four years of Barrack Obama. 

Vote for whom you will, but do not allow your emotional state regarding gay marriage and women’s rights overtake the fact that other things are going on.


– Coral

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