We’ll see when it kicks and if republicans in Congress fund. They have so far blocked funding. However several republican Governors have already changed their tunes and said they want to implement it in their States because it is the right thing to do and will benefit people in their States. The Governors of Arizona and Florida are two. 

Also, this is not Obamacare. The name Obamacare was fabricated to demonized the Patient Protection Affordable Healthcare Act which was created and details were ironed out by Congress. President Obama did not write the bill. Obama asked Congress to come up with a bill because healthcare premiums were rising at a rate of 16% a year and becoming the biggest drag on our economy. It was projected that by the year 2040 people would spend 50% of their paychecks on healthcare insurance. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Committee projects healthcare reform will cut the deficit by nearly $1 trillion over the next 10 years. 

Can it be improved upon? Surely. There were many improvements made to the Social Security Act after its initial creation. 

The full effect of health reform has not yet kicked in but things have already improved. Children can now remain on their parent’s insurance policies until age 25 instead of the previous age of 18. This allows that they still be insured while going through college and gives them time to get a job where they get their own policy. People already cannot be refused health insurance or kicked off their policy for anything deemed to be a preexisting condition. That was not the case a couple of years ago. 

People will be required to carry health insurance but that is also a savings all around. Under the old system when uninsured people become ill even with something as common as the flu or are in accidents they head to an emergency room where they are treated in the costliest way. Emergency rooms are required to treat the uninsured. The cost of treating the uninsured is passed on through higher charges to those with insurance who in turn end up with higher insurance premiums. 

Also in the bill is support for computerizing and sharing patient information. The new GE “Matrix” commercial is an example of what is changing. What this ultimately means is tests need not be unnecessarily repeated when a patient is sent from one doctor or hospital to another. Redundancy will be minimized which amounts to more savings in the industry, patients and State and national budgets.

Healthcare reform also cuts $700 billion in Medicare spending. The cuts do not effect Medicare patients. The $700 billion represent a crackdown on fraud and the streamlining of the system.  

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