Offering Families and Businesses Insurance That Lasts

the owens group

Navigating the world of today is no easy task. Between natural disasters, accidents and lawsuits, there are plenty of risks and exposures you should watch out for. One way to prevent these emergencies from catching you off guard is working with the Owens Group as soon as possible. Their comprehensive expertise in the industry combined with customer service that stands out can get you insurance lines that can handle whatever life throws at you.

Extensive Know-How

Over 50 years of history have made the Owens Group leading experts in not only your basic policies but also in lines that the average agency doesn’t offer. These include policies like travelers, valuable, kidnap & ransom, aviation and special event insurance. Owens also has the talent to cater to different industries like cannabis, real estate, retail, entertainment, theater, nonprofits and wholesalers.

An Approachable Team

The team at Owens isn’t just a team of experts but also boasts members who care about you. Agents are accessible and open to hearing any question or concern you may have about your coverage. Those that handle your needs review your specific situation in order to help you obtain the appropriate lines and rates.

These two qualities have made the Owens Group the go-to choice for thousands of businesses and families. Contact them today to see how you can get the insurance that is reliable.