People Mock Woman Who Miscarried

People Mock Woman Who Miscarried

People are mocking Michelle Duggar for miscarrying after having 19 children.

I took these comments out of a thread I read about her miscarrying.

“Clown Car Drops transmission and miscarries on lap 20.”

“God is trying to tell you something, coont.”

“Am I the only one that thinks the parents have some weird mental disease causing them to obsess about having kids and/or compete with other families on who has more kids?”

“This is not sad.”

“Sounds like she ignored the “Check Uterus” light.”

“No worries, check the oil and gun that engine for another lap.”

Here is the link:  Link

I am trying to think of why we would make fun of a woman who just miscarried.  I wonder how it feels for her to read comments like this.

Why do people hate this couple for having 19 children?


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