Photos of Me

Photos of Me

It has been awhile since I posted photos of me.  So here are a few from the xanga meetup.

Is it me or do all of the people that show up to these xanga meetups always appear so short?  (I am the guy on the left.  Stephanie is the girl in the red.  Jacob is some guy we found at the zoo (just kidding Jacob) and Serenadante is on the right. 

In the above photo you can see Josh on the front left and wolvenchick in the grey shirt in the middle.

The above photo is Serenadante and me in the mini bubbles.

The above is me stuck in the mini bubble.

The above is me and serenadante petting a goat.

People always say I look different than they expected.  For some reason people expect me to look 50.  I guess I sound 50 in my blog.  People are typically always surprised I laugh so much.  I guess I don’t give the impression that I laugh.  I promise I am always laughing at each of you.

Is that what you expected me to look like?


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