Posting Private Messages

Posting Private Messages

I noticed there has been some controversy about posting private messages.  Some woman is accused of posting her friend’s private message on her blog.

I thought this would be an opportunity to share a rare personal note.  I once had a friend from Malaysia and I thought he had posted something in public and he said he mentioned it in a private message and I posted it on my blog.  I lost that very important friendship and I will never get it back.

(Most of you have never heard of Malaysia.  We never learned about it in school because it is a small and insignificant country shown in the lower right corner of the above photo. In fact, the letters are larger than the country in this photo.  We only learned about Russia, China, Africa, India, Iraq, Canada and other significant countries growing up).

But out of that experience, I learned to never post something from a private message.

Would you break off a friendship if the person posted your private message in public?

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