President Obama and Racists

Obama is a democrat, most black people are democrats, so no shock they vote for him.   Obama is a democrat, most democrats support social safety nets, no shock he supports those policies.    Unfortunately most black people come from low socio-economic backgrounds, people from low socio-economic backgrounds understandably appreciate social safety nets, so no surprises most black people are in favor of those safety nets which democrats, like Obama, support.
Therefore, there is no good reason to think any substantial portion of black people voted for Obama but would have otherwise voted Republican had he not been black.

Most people opposed to Obama aren’t racist, but most racists are opposed to Obama.   this too should not shock anyone.   that Obama has racists fighting him is neither an incorrect statement, nor necessarily an accusation of all Republicans (though of course there are nut jobs who will suggest this, no normal person believes that only racists don’t like Obama).

I’m not sure what point you were trying to make, as the stats you provided seem to prove my case.   Black people disproportionately make-up the poor community, as you demonstrated, so it therefore makes no sense to go on to claim that they only voted Democrat because Obama’s black.

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