Professional Protection For Therapists

As a practicing therapist, you may have questions about Liability Insurance for Counselors. Sometimes called malpractice insurance, this important coverage protects professionals from the potentially devastating effects of a lawsuit or malpractice claim. A thriving practice can be stalled by a lawsuit, even one that is not your fault. Of course, you believe in the inherent honestly and goodwill of most people and you know you are honest and hard working but conflicts may still arise.

Lawsuits sometimes happen to good therapists and it only takes one lawsuit to destroy a hard-earned career. Fortunately, Liability Insurance for Counselors is designed to offer maximum protection in just such an event.  Your most valuable asset is you and the skills you have worked so hard to acquire over the years. You deserve the best protection possible to preserve your practice and maintain your important career. There are some points to ponder when you are deciding what kind of coverage will best suit you. If you are working under the umbrella of a professional office or senior counselor, you may already have some coverage under their policy. If so, this can mean big savings for you. Ask what kind of policy they have and find out what coverage applies to you. Then, you should consult with your own insurance agent for a review of your current coverage parameters.

A reputable agent will be able to guide you as far as your particular requirements concerning Liability Insurance for Counselors. For instance, if you are practicing in a community clinic for low income patients, your liability may be substantially less than if you are in a high profile practice in a very affluent area. These considerations along with current coverage, if any, will be important gauges for new coverage. Consider also, the type of counseling you do. If your practice is limited to children, your requirements may be different from a practice involving chemical or substance abuse.

Always ask about Disciplinary Defense Coverage. Many blanket policies do not include this type of coverage. This is protection in the event that your employer or a client makes a complaint about you to your regulatory board. This will be any board that is responsible for defining the standards of practice for your accreditation, license or certification. In such an event, you may have to attend a hearing or even a trial. Even if the action is unfounded and later dismissed you could be left with substantial attorney fees to pay out-of-pocket.

The prudent therapist makes certain to have full coverage of liability insurance for counselors, in the highest amount they can afford. No one expects an adverse action, but if it happens, be prepared. Spare yourself the expense and heartache of having to defend it without the backing of a large insurance company’s protection. Enjoy your career with the peace of mind you deserve.





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