Protect Against Common Restaurant Liability Risks

While every company has a list of risks that they need to protect against, the restaurant industry has very specific risks. To protect your restaurant, you have to invest in the right restaurant liability coverages.

Common Liability Risks

The most common liability risk for any business is third-party injury due to a slip and fall or other accident in your restaurant. If someone suffers an injury, your business could be liable. Also, if you sell alcohol and someone is injured due to alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, or a fight with another person, you could be held liable. Other risks include sickness from foodborne allergies or spoilage and burns from the food.

Common Restaurant Coverages

Once you have an evaluation of your restaurant’s risk profile, you can choose the restaurant coverages that match your risk. Additionally, you have to pick the limits or terms that make sense for your business. Common types of restaurant coverage include:

  • Liquor liability
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property
  • Food spoilage
  • Cyber liability
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Business interruption
  • High-value wine collection

Since every business has its custom risks, you must have your business assessed so that you can adequately protect it.

All businesses require some form of liability insurance. When you work in the restaurant industry, you require coverages that other businesses may not need.