Protect Your Valet Parking Business with an Insurance Broker

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People enjoy having their car parked for them especially when they are having a nice night out at a fancy restaurant or concert venue. Offering valet services to various venues opens your business up to certain risks. Insurance brokers Dallas understand the needs of the valet and parking industry.

 Garage Keepers Legal Liability

Most companies hiring a valet company for an event or full-time, such as restaurants, want the valet company to have a certain amount of liability insurance. Valet drivers may damage the vehicles of patrons due to a collision.

 Workers Compensation

Working with employees in any state requires your business to have a workers compensation policy on file. The valet may slip on a slick patch of asphalt and need medical attention. Workers compensation steps in to cover their medical bills, so they can heal and get back to work.

 General Liability

The majority of businesses regardless of industry benefit from a general liability insurance policy. This covers bodily injury and property damage to third-party claimants such as when a pedestrian is injured by a valet driver.

Work with insurance brokers Dallas to customize an insurance policy specifically for your parking and valet business. The amount of insurance coverage you need depends on the size and scope of your business. The broker works with various insurance carriers to create a plan right for your business.