Protected Post Part 4

Protected Post Part 4

I decided to put this on protected because I want to avoid xanga drama.  Please don’t repeat anything from this post.

1.  I am pretty sure DivaJoyti received her Doctorate degree from Phoenix University’s online degree program.  I am sure that even they are tempted to ask her to take that off their wall.

2.  Her boyfriend NewDog2 is the ultimate retard.  I am still not sure if he is a real person who just happens to be a sock puppet of DivaJoyti or if he is an invented character.  I am tempted to post his photo right here but I don’t feel like being sued.

3.  Anyone who bought xanga premium for life this time is an idiot.  Why pay $100 for features every other website offers for free?

4.  I flirt with Shimmerbodycream just so I can get to Nikbv.

5.  I am concerned my wife is going to leave me for Jesy if she shows one more boob photo.

6.  Even though I wouldn’t want him to post my personal information, Celestial-teapot is the only one on xanga left with any balls.

7.  Godlessliberal doesn’t deserve his attractive girlfriend.

8.  Razielv doesn’t deserve his girlfriend either.  He needs to shave also. 

9.  There is one person on xanga that I wish I could wave a magic wand and make her move out of her periodic depression.

10.  Even the liberals know they are going to lose the next election.  You can always pick the loser by who is angry in advanced.

11.  I don’t flirt with LoveJenny anymore because I don’t want to make Cakalusa mad.


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