Protected Post – Rant

Protected Post – Rant

Every once in awhile I need to rant so I put it in a protected post to keep it with my close friends.  Please do not repeat anything from my protected post.

1.  Is it me or does half of xanga hate America?  I am not talking about the people outside of the U.S.  I am talking about Americans.  Here we have the killing of Osama bin Laden.  And people can’t let us enjoy or celebrate the moment.  They have to kill it by telling us it is wrong to celebrate and that the U.S. isn’t that wonderful.  Osama was a bad person.  He deserved to be killed.  Let people celebrate.  I worked with Muslims the day after it was announced he was killed and the Muslims were celebrating his death.  Yet on xanga, we are told we are not that special.  Osama was responsible for killing 3000 people.  It is a victory to see him dead.  He deserved a terrible death.

2.  I think half of the “secrets” on the “secrets post” are written by the people who are being talked about.  I see the ugliest people on xanga being told in a “secret” that 10 people want to sleep with them.  How could that be?

3.  I loved reading a post rebuking us for participating in drama on xanga by a guy who has written 2-3 negative posts about me.  He called the post “xanga hypocrisy” or something.  He deleted my comment on the post but I told him it was hilarious that he wrote a post about hypocrisy when he spoke against me for doing the savetheboobs campaign and yet was the first one to a site when a woman said she was posting her boobs.  I also had a woman tell me that after she mentioned that she gave me her boobs that he went and left creepy messages to her acting “concerned.”  Don’t tell anyone but his name is Greek.  (In general, you should never delete my comments because I can tell more people in a post than would ever read your site).

4.  I see everyone is recommending pulses now.  It is nice to see pulses getting more recommends than posts. 

5.  What is with the hardcore atheists who write 20-30 posts about religion?  If you hate religion that much, maybe secretly you are curious about religion.  If I was an atheist, I might mock religious people once or twice.  But 20-30 times?

6.  This year with my savetheboobs campaign, I am going to have women send me photos of themselves in uniform.  For example, if a woman works at McDonald’s she will send in a topless photo with her uniform on and open.  I think this will be a real hit when it comes to nurses and other specialty jobs. 

Do you like the savetheboobs uniform idea?


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