Protecting Your Volunteers

Protecting Your Volunteers

Companies that require employees to drive personal vehicles for work or operate company vehicles are required to have insurance to cover accidents on the job. This offers the company and its employees protection against physical damage and injuries that arise from collisions as well as liabilities that might result from vehicle-related incidents. Similarly, nonprofit organizations should secure car insurance for volunteers, as seen on

A Need for Insurance Protection

Service organizations make the world go around and they depend on the dedication and hard work of people who offer their time, talents and treasures to fulfill these organizations’ missions and objectives. Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen. The last thing you want is for a volunteer to be liable for damages or injuries that occurred while driving on behalf of your organization. You need a policy in place that protects your nonprofit and its volunteers should an incident arise.

Insurance for Vehicle Operators

Given the amount of damage that a motor vehicle can cause, including injury and loss of life, most drivers are required to have some level of liability insurance. Charities and nonprofits tend to use larger vehicles such as vans that are more difficult to operate and can cause greater damage in a collision. Furthermore, these vans hold more passengers than the average personal auto, so there is a greater need for car insurance for the volunteers that drive them. Don’t put your organization at risk. Protect your organization and the souls that help propel it forward.