Protecting Yourself From a Volunteer Lawsuit

Volunteer Lawsuit

If your organization employs volunteers, you may be concerned about volunteer lawsuits. In the event of negligence leading to injury, volunteers can sue an organization. There are several ways organizations can protect themselves from these occurrences.

Maintain Accident Insurance

Having accident insurance gives volunteers peace of mind in the knowledge that they won’t have to cover injury costs out of pocket. Knowing that they are covered for medical expenses may make a volunteer less likely to consider a lawsuit.

Use Liability Waivers With Caution

Many organizations require volunteers to sign liability waivers before taking on assignments that may lead to injury. While these are helpful in making volunteers aware of risks and more cautious, they are not guaranteed protection against volunteer lawsuits, so proceed with caution.

Avoid Negligence Charges

The best way to avoid a lawsuit is to avoid negligence. It will be difficult for charges of negligence to be upheld in court if your organization provides thorough screening and training for volunteers and enforces adequate safety standards on assignments.

Any job has the potential for an injury, and an organization can’t necessarily avoid legal trouble just because it hires volunteers. Volunteer lawsuits can and do happen, and taking appropriate precautions can help protect your organization from the fallout from these suits.