Quick Guide To Backpacking in the Philippines

When traveling in the Philippines, it best for you to know much of them through research from the internet, maybe from you Filipino friends or from your fellow citizen who already visited Philippines. Philippines is really a beautiful place to visit and to live in. Though in some instances, incidents can’t be avoided. All you need to do is to be careful.

Here are some quick guides to Backpacking in the Philippines:

  1. You must not carry loads of clothes with you especially winter clothes. Climate in the Philippines is hot throughout the year especially during summer. Although there are some highlands that is cooler than the lower land but not as cold as the winter. T-shirts and other clothing in the Philippines are cheap.
  2. Never bring too many cash, you can use your ATM or credit cards for most of hotels are accepting dollars and credit cards. Small chains of stores accept only Philippine pesos so you might need to exchange you dollar for a peso first.
  3. It is better for you to have a friend with you if you don’t have any relatives or friends in the Philippines. It is much must safer to travel with a company.
  4. Check out some sites in the internet for your destinations in the Philippines. You wouldn’t want to miss good spots in the Philippines.
  5. Bring some guide books with you.
  6. If money would not be a problem with you, you can avail a tour package with some reputable travel agencies which they can provide you with everything that you will need in the Philippines. From your flight schedules, hotel accommodations, tourist destinations, foods and even tourist guides for your whole trip in the Philippines.
  7. Many tourists visited south of the Philippines for they have lot of beaches and cool places; which is the most crowded place in the Philippines. Why not try the northern part of the Philippines such as Pagudpod Ilocos. You can found beaches here much better than Boracay and Puerto Gallera, less crowd and peaceful as a paradise.
  8. Must also check the Philippine constitution for there’s no excuse in any law. This is just a reminder, you better be good to avoid hassles during your trip. Not just in the Philippines but to all country that you are planning to visit.
  9. Avoid eating too much food that is not known to you, your stomach might feel different for it is your first time to eat exotic foods. Try it little by little to avoid having some stomach pains and be hospitalized. It is better to travel without any health disturbances.
  10. In everything you do and wherever you are in the Philippines, just take extra care, remember you are not in your country.

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