Rant: Things that Annoy Me

Rant: Things that Annoy Me

You know what annoys me?

# 1 I can’t buy enough Allegra D over the counter to treat my allergies.

Allegra D is supposed to last 24 hours.  But in order to treat my allergies, I need to take two pills a day.  My wife takes it also to treat her allergies.  So we run out if we take it twice a day.

The government bans you from buying over a certain amount of Allegra D because they are afraid you will use it to make Meth.

So I can only buy about 24 pills in a month.

However, the Batman shooter was able to legally buy 4 guns and 6000 rounds of ammunition online in 60 days.

So the government is afraid I will misuse Allegra D but is not afraid that someone will misuse 4 guns and 6000 rounds of ammunition.

# 2  Smokers would want free health care.

There is a woman on xanga who admits she is on welfare.  She is on the internet all day long making comments and not working.  I work all day so she can stay at home.

But she also has pushed for free medical care.  And in her profile pic she is smoking a cigarette. 

So she feels it is unfair she doesn’t have free health insurance and no one understands her hardship and yet she is smoking.

So my money from working is paying for her to sit at home on the internet and smoke and very soon my taxes will increase to pay for her free medical care.


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