Rate the Wedding Dress

Rate the Wedding Dress

I was reading my friend Kylie’s site and she is picking out a wedding dress.  So I thought I would jump in and show some of my favorite wedding dresses. 

My wife picked out a few and I added her picks.  I was able to pick out my favorites in a minute or two and she picked her picks in 30 minutes and changed her mind several times. 

Here are my favorites:

1.  This is my favorite by a long shot.

2.  I like the touch of red in this one.

3.  I love this one for the same reason I love the first one.  This is also one of the dresses my wife likes.

4.  I like this one because it has a little color.  (You have to ignore the flowers growing out of her head).

5.  I like this one because it has a pattern.

6. I posted this one just to show how much I dislike the long veils.  In fact, in general I don’t like the veils.

7.  This is a good dress for our larger xanga women.  I think this is a good fit for her size.

8.  This is my wife’s other pick.

I pretty much hate the ones that are form fitted at the bottom half of the dress.

Which dress do you like the best?

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