Recreational Boating Continues to Skyrocket

recreational boating

Recreational boating has continued to grow this past year, just as it has done the past nine years. As people search for creative ways to recreate and social distance at the same time, understanding marine industry statistics for those looking to get involved is more important than ever. Here are just some of the numbers from the past couple of years.

Sales Are Up

Boats have been selling at rapid rates. Freshwater fishing boats, wake surfing and wakeboarding boats, pontoons, personal watercraft, and even cruisers have all shot up in sales, just as they have over the last decade. As boating becomes a top sport and leisure activity, the industry is rising to meet it with jobs, businesses, and insurance coverages.

Economic Impact

Boating popularity has allowed the creation of some 35,000 individual shops and businesses. Worth billions of dollars, it also employs nearly 700,000 workers.

Top Places to Boat

The industry has some key states that contribute annually to its impressive sales, workforce, and supply chain. Florida, California, and New York take the top three slots for major boating states, followed by Texas, Michigan, Washington, New Jersey, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Missouri.

There’s never been a better time to jump into the expansive waters of the boating world and discover a new, fun passion in these uncertain times.