Sarah Palin Vs. President Obama

People who don’t listen to the FOX machine and have actually had the time to pay attention know that Obama has done quite a number of amazing things to keep this country from falling into total economic collapse. This year corporations posted their largest 3rd quarter earnings ever. As more and more of the health reform bill kicks in people are liking it more and more. Today a piece of the bill kicked in that requires health insurance companies to use at least 80% of premiums paid by people for healthcare, putting a cap on how much they can use premium money for advertising, bureaucracy and executive bonuses. The majority of Americans are already happy their kids can remain on their policies until age 25 and loopholes allowing healthcare companies to drop people or deny coverage based on preexisting conditions are no longer a worry. General Motors is alive and well and profitable and going public which was the plan from the beginning. It was never a government takeover of the company. It was assistance to keep it alive until it could get back on its feet. Ford Corporation didn’t take a bailout but was behind the bailout of General Motors, realizing that if GM went under suppliers who also supplied Ford with parts and raw materials could not afford to stay alive either. Ford would have likely gone under. Women now have legal support for equal pay for equal work. The TSA is now reevaluating its use of these scanners, something Great Britain had taken 4 years to test before dropping them but let’s not forget 9/11 occurred when airport security was privatized. People on the left and some in the center are disappointed that Obama hasn’t done more, like getting a public option through but there is legislation in the works that will allow states to do that if they can do so viably like Massachusetts has done for example. A group from within the wealthiest people in the country has formed and is coming out in support of allowing the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy to expire. They call themselves “Wealthy Patriots”. Obama has worked his butt off in the face of opposition that only wants him to fail as they stated early on and repeated recently and he has gotten more legislation through than any other President. I don’t think a quittinghalf-term governor has a chance. At least I hope not. 

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