Sexual Harassment

yea, but i never reported it. the guy was actually younger than me. even more so, there is a camera in the room. it might have been easy, assuming the camera was on. but it didnt bother me enough to go through so much. it was my last day there. he was just a kid like 16 or 17 and not in a higher rank than me. come to think of it, i overheard on of my manager’s complaining about him too…he doesnt work there anymore, lol

there was a time before that also when i was an intern. i had on of my mentor’s employee’s ask me on the elevator if i was legal. i had just turned 18 a couple of days ago. at the time i didn’t understand what he was getting at. i hesitated because when i heard legal the first thing i though about was citizenship status, not age…i guess it wasnt really harrassment though. it was just conversation? it was after work was done for the day and both of us were going home. this was a really small business run out of a studio apartment with only 6 employees. i dont think they even have a policy manual.

none of my past or current jobs go over sexual harassment like they’re supposed to…they just have a handbook that no one really reads. the only place that was really strict about it was my other internship which was a government agency. that place made me feel comfortable to report if anything was going wrong. and nothing ever did go wrong there.

Perhaps my long comment should have just been a boring blog instead…

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