Should A Man Go To Prison For Not Paying Child Support?

Most of the time, yeah. But I can’t just make a blanket statement like that. Some women lie about birth control just to hook a man. (I rather imagine some woman will jump on me for that, but, come on. You discuss it, you both don’t like how condoms feel, she claims she is on the pill, but the whole time she just wants his money. It has actually happened.) But in the following cases, if the lazy bum just decided life was too hard and he didn’t want to play grown up any more so he wants to let the children’s mother do all the work and he can’t understand why he should be bothered with having to pay – yeah, throw his ass in jail and give him a good dose of reality. If he is doing the best he can, (honestly, that is) and with the economy the way it is, he deserves some leniency. But most of the time McDonald’s is hiring. If he just thinks it is beneath him to flip burgers, and instead is laying on his mom’s couch watching tv all day, throw him in prison for a bit. 

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