Should We Save The Kittens from Certain Death?

Should We Save The Kittens from Certain Death?

A pregnant cat managed to get in our building over the weekend and gave birth to kittens.

(These are not the kittens).

When a guy walked into his office, the cat ran out of the room and took off.  He found the kittens in the corner of his closet.

We began a discussion of what we should do about the kittens.  I thought we should feed the kittens and try to save them.  The guy who found them in his office thought we should not touch them because their mother may come back and she might abandon them if we touch them.

So I said I thought we should care for them tomorrow if their mother doesn’t come back.  A few others thought we should give the mother a few days to return.  One women agreed with me that we should save the kittens tomorrow.  One guy felt it was just nature taking its course so if they died, they died because it was meant to be.

Should we save the kittens?


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