Shutting Down Your Xanga Site

Shutting Down Your Xanga Site

I was talking to a friend tonight and we have been friends for a long time on xanga.

She killed her xanga site recently.  I told her that I thought it must have been hard. She said it was really hard.

I have shut down my xanga site twice.  I have said before that it felt like I killed a friend.  You really never connect back with all the people you want to connect to again.

But shutting down xanga sites is sort of something that comes with the territory.  I have noticed there are some people that shut down xanga sites all the time. I have known people who have shut down 10-20 times. 

I think some people detach themselves from their site and don’t feel sadness when the site is gone.  Yet others feel like they have killed off an important part of their life.

Would it make you sad if you shut down your xanga site?


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