Sick Days

Now I feel guilty. I may take one tomorrow because I spent most of the weekend hacking up a lung. My throat is raw and the thought of having to talk all day and maybe cough in people’s ear is not a savory one. I am of the school of thought that it is better not to contaminate the workplace with one’s germs, sneezing and coughing. One day off might save weeks of misery down the road. 

So far I have had fairly generous sick day packages (e.g., usu about 8 or 9 days a year) and I usually take about 2 -4 of those days – always for physical ailments of some kind (cold, very severe cramps, other physical complaint). Sick days are for being sick; they’re not a vacation for me so I don’t usually feel that bad about taking them except I know how people look down on it, esp in this country which thinks you should be working while hemorrhaging or on your deathbed. 

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