Simple Insurance Coverages For New Entrepreneurs

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Are you struggling to figure out what insurance coverages you need for your new business? Rather than going at it alone, it’s best to research the insurance companies in Los Angeles to find one that can help you get the coverage you need. As you conduct your research, here are two basic coverages that you should expect to include in your policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects you in case your business property becomes damaged or lost by covering the cost to repair or replace them. You can choose to cover your building, landscaping, furniture, equipment and even your digital assets under your policy. Some insurers offer business interruption coverage as an add-on which offers payment to you for revenue you missed out on while unable to use your property.

General Liability Insurance

Depending on your insurance carrier, general liability can serve as a catch-all coverage for any lawsuits brought against you by a third party claiming that they experienced property loss or bodily injury because of your business activities. If you were to face such a claim, your policy would cover the cost of your legal fees as well as any damages for which you’re found liable.

Having the right insurance coverage can play a vital role in your success as a business. Take your time to research the various insurance companies in Los Angeles to find one that’s willing to craft a policy that’s specific to your needs.