Smoking Weed

I have seen it do more good than harm, so, no. You just have to make sure you trust your source and you don’t get a batch laced with something else.

My dad has degenerative arthritis in his back and he has anxiety. Smoking pot helps his back pain, and it also calms him down. It’s much safer than FDA approved narcotics for pain which are WORSE, and it’s better than FDA approved anti-anxiety meds, which has a side effect of depression and suicidal thoughts, plus other harmful side effects. The worst “side effect” I’ve seen from my dad on weed is short term memory loss. When he was on narcotics (prescribed pain meds), he lost 20 pounds and looked like a twig.

Also, I know someone who has cancer. Weed helps him get his appetite back from nausea, and helps prevent him from throwing up. Without it, he loses 5-6 pounds a week. At his last doctor visit, it was the first time he’s gained weight since being diagnosed. If it helps him be able to eat and helps with his pain, yes, smoke. Also, if you eat concentrated hemp oil, extracted from the plant, I believe, it can cure cancer.

I only have a problem with it if people use it as an escape..all the time. I understand the need to relax and get away from things every once in a while…but when it’s excessive, it’s a problem. Like with anything else like drinking, it means there’s a problem with the person, that they can’t deal with life.

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