Sometimes Life Sucks

I had to have two teeth pulled yesterdayy (one wisdom needed a root canal…not worth it, and you can’t leave the upper one with nothing to chomp down on). 
$2,800 ca-ching!  
But it wasn’t an unpleasant experience, I was heavily sedated, nicely stitched up, and left in a limo with  a goody bag chock full of useful items: gauze for blood, chapstick with the surgeon’s name,  vicadin for pain, a little black bracelet with the surgeon’s group’s name on it, ice packs, and Dr. Cute called me later that night to see that I was ok and remembered all instruction.  Oops I veered off the life “sucks” track.

So, the Surgeon told me  I “can’t suck” for two days (no straws, no cigs, no d-ks).  heh heh.

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