Spraying a Little Girl With Pepper Spray

Spraying a Little Girl With Pepper Spray

I have wanted to write a tribute post to the police and how they protect us from harm.  Being a police officer is a thankless job.  And yet these police put their lives on the line for us.

Take all of these “99%ers” and their disruption and protests.

Sometimes a protester just needs a beating.

People just wait for a bad moment to take a photo but it is pretty obvious how basic police protection can be taken out of context.

You don’t know that some of these people are probably drug users and probably resisted arrest.

Some of them obviously just jump in front of police motorcycles.

And then you have the ones that play super innocent.  Take a look at this little girl.

It is pretty obvious she is a trouble maker committed to a life of crime.

Thank you police for keeping us safe.


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