Start Your Own Staffing Agency Using These Key Steps

Staffing agency insurance

Starting up a staffing agency may be easier than you think. While you need certain things such as staffing agency insurance, you can grow and profit from a growing industry. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Liability Protection

As mentioned, insurance is key for any business to avoid the financial losses associated with a lawsuit. As referenced on, you want to choose an insurance partner that understands the needs of the industry rather than just any carrier.

Sufficient Funds

Payroll is an essential for any business to keep employees. Keep in mind that not all employers pay promptly. You need sufficient funds to pay the employees while collecting from clients potentially for a few months.

Growth Plans

Staffing firms need to focus not only on marketing their business but recruiting people to have available to hire out. You need clients to hire the recruits you find making both equally important. Develop a comprehensive plan to address both needs.

Business Requirements

Each municipality requires businesses to meet certain regulations and licensing requirements. In order to send out payroll, you need an EIN from the IRS. The business must also be registered.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it should help you think further about what you need to get started. Staffing agency insurance covers a variety of liabilities facing the industry. Then you can focus on growing your new company.