Study Shows Women Look at Boobs

Of course we do! I mean, seriously, I don’t know why this is interesting or considered new information. I guess to men it’s an exciting discovery. Most women look because it’s natural to look! If they’re nice, big, small, covered, uncovered, we look. Some do it to compare, some do it just to assess them, and some do it because, I mean, boobs are hot. This is a big difference between men and woman. Straight men do not think other men are hot or they won’t admit if one is attractive, whereas women can admit to thinking some women are attractive or sexy. Women are more quick to admit that they are attracted to, or even turned on by, other women. And a lot of these women that can admit that are still completely straight. I myself am bisexual, but most of the women that I have kissed or made-out with, or even further than that, still consider themselves straight. They just were comfortable with their sexuality and wanted to experiment.

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