Sugar Babies and Prostitution

Okay, story time. Once upon a time, I was a stripper. No need to ask why. There’s not a single girl I can think of who says they became a stripper because it was their dream. You’re in it for the money. And while my moral ethics made it hard for me to make money (I couldn’t promise things I knew I’d never give. I had poor “hustle”), the other girls seemed to have no problem. And thus, interesting arrangements could be seen around the club. I saw girls getting cars and jewelry and rent paid and dinner, all without having sex. Strippers are tricky bitches, guys, be careful (but do tip and buy dances, because that’s all they live off of). They call these guys their “sugar daddies”.

Now then, what is prostitution? It’s paying for sex. And when you’re in a relationship, isn’t it expected that the guy pay for dinner and buy his girl nice things? You specifically said that these young girls are DATING these older men. DATING. So it’s not prostitution if it’s dating. Both parties know what’s going on. The men are paying for companionship and the women are getting what they want (because let’s be honest, none of the women are being faithful). is it morally sound? not to most of society, no. But is it prostitution? I don’t think so.

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