Telling a Child He/She is Fat

I never did really look fat when I was young… sure I wasn’t skinny but it wasn’t because I ate wrong because my mom fed but… but she did tell me I was fat a lot… and to think about it, it still hurts… actually she still tells me… now I am but whatever!! It’s hurtful and it takes years to realize that maybe they don’t do it to hurt … but I never understood why she said it when it hurt the most and not at an appropriate time… oh well…  We grow and deal with that sh*t!! 

I think there are other ways of trying to explain what’s going on… any kid going through already an awkward phase in life can be overwhelmed. I was depressed for years on end…

But, parent’s shouldn’t… find a healthy way of explaining and helping the change. If it needs to be done, the whole household needs to change eating habit and exercise together not just the one person… They need support, not put downs. 

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