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Dear Dan,
This reminds me of something in a movie. Total Recall, if I’m recalling correctly. Ah’nold is asked whether he wants his girl to be “sleazy” and he can enlarge her breasts before being implanted with the memory.

Oh, did you ask a question?

I’m not a lady, so I guess this entry doesn’t apply to me.

That said, I’ll reply to some of your earlier entries.

Getting Blocked. I’ve always said that since I usually only “answer comments” from the comments I receive, I wouldn’t even know if I’d been blocked. Once the husband of a woman who corresponded with me got into her account and blocked me. Neither of us could figure out for a while why I couldn’t read her blog.
Recently I went to visit the blog of a rather “famous” Xangalebrity whom I’ve never visited but whom I mentioned on one of my parody blogs. I found out I was blocked from his site. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised. But I’m not upset. He doesn’t visit me or leave comments.

Stereotype on Xanga: Oh, I’m the “poet, philosopher, fool” guy. I’m an original, and can’t claim to be anything else.

I remain, as always,

Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

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