The Burning House

My camera gear (though it’s usually always in the car from carrying it out there every day) my externals because it has all of my work on it.  My cell and purse.  I had to think really hard about this, this past week.  I even had to evacuate.  It’s hard to think about what’s more important.  Weighing the importance of your things vs. the importance of other family members things because their stuff has to fit in your car too.  Not to mention the animals and, with me, my siblings.  They all must fit too.  I left a good chunk of my camera gear behind because I can always replace things.  I took what was important to keep up with my business.  Laptop, mac mini, two externals, and my camera bag.  A tiny box of my grandfather’s WWII medals, a knife, change of clothes, and my purse. 

My younger sister packed all kinds of odd things and we had to explain to her she couldn’t take them because they weren’t needed.  She kept trying to reason with us, but really a pool noodle?  She’s much younger and more materialistic.  (Babies of the family seem to lean that way as children.)   I hope she eventually learns what’s important and what’s not.

We were lucky our place was unaffected, but if it wasn’t….man…so much to replace and so much we couldn’t because of sentimental value and memories.  It’s really a lot harder than it seems.  I know if our place had burnt, I’d of had moments of “I wish I had thought to grab that.”  I am thankful that isn’t the case.

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