The Critical Importance of the Recommend Button

The Critical Importance of the Recommend Button

I am often reminded that some people will recommend other posts, pulses and comments with little regard to the importance of the actual post or pulse.

(The photo section of xanga is not working at the time of this post).

Here are the categories of recommenders:

1.  I will recommend anything that moves including pulses, comments and posts about recommending.

2.  I will not recommend just anything but I tend to be a recommend ho.

3.  I will recommend just about anything with “xanga” in the title.

4.  I only recommend after thoughtful consideration of whether the post, pulse or comment will benefit the general xanga community.

5.  I tend to be stingy with my recommends and will only recommend only every few weeks.

6.  I am a recommend snob and can count on one hand how many posts I have recommended.

7.  I am a recommend virgin.

Which category do you fall into?


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