The Difficulty With Making Friends

The Difficulty With Making Friends

I must admit that I sort of just pick my friends.  I am sure my friends feel like they pick me.  But I feel even more that I pick my friends.

I try to avoid people who are constantly dealing with conflict of their own making.  I want my friends to be loyal.  I want to believe my friends will be friends for life.

So I start slowly.  I just talk with them.  I go back and forth and just talk over a period of time.  I trust them slowly.  I shared things slowly.  I watch how they treat their other friends.  I am convinced that if a person can’t be loyal to their other friends, he/she will never be loyal to me.

So full friendship with me takes time.  Sometimes it takes years.  I refuse to make friendships because I am feeling needy.  That would cause someone potentially bad to pick me.  So I wait.

I must admit that one of the biggest disappointments for me personally, is if I pick the wrong friend.’

Do you pick friends or do they tend to pick you?


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