The Disappearing Father

Yeah, my dad was always away but not my stepdad.  My other parents worked it out so that one of them was home with us at least part of the day.  Then the oldest took over when they were not there.  I started first watching M, A, T, N.   Then M started watching A, T, N.  Then A started watching T, N.  Then T started watching N.  N is probably sick of all the females.

And we’re not getting pregnant young.  What a shocker.  This is because we know the burden that children bring.

I was nearly killed for refusing the stupidity.  I don’t care.  They can’t kill us all.

I needed a break from childrens.  The little creatures love me, but the feelings are not mutual.   I was going to graduate school, heaven forbid in this country you don’t end up a welfare-mongering single mother.  They love their misery.   Fry that chicken.

As far as men go, I know I’m never going to get a decent one, so I shun them all. 

My dad is doing better with his second kid, however.

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